3 glass bowls by Alfredo Barbini for Vetreria Alfredo Barbini, 1970s

Enamelled copper and chromed metal bowl by Studio del Campo, 1960s

Ceramic vase by Giovanni Gariboldi for Richard Ginori, 1930s

Glazed ceramic vase, 1970s

Ashtray bowl by Gae Aulenti for Stilnovo, 1960s

Column ashtray by Stilnovo, 1960s

African-inspired ceramic sculpture, 1960s

African-inspired ceramic statue, 1960s

Decorated metal box by Piero Fornasetti, 1950s

Silver metal flower holder by Cleto Munari, 1970s

Cylindrical wooden tobacco box, 1960s

Teapot by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton, 1960s

Interlocking sculpture “Mini-David” by Miguel Barrocal, 1960s

Interlocking sculpture “La Mini Zoraida” by Miguel Barrocal, 1960s

Pair of large ceramic vases I+I, 1970s

Set of bathroom accessories by Fontana Arte, 1960s

“Thesi” ballpoint pen by Marco Zanuso for Aurora, 1970s

Ashtray and cigarette case in gold anodized aluminum by Kaymet, 1960s

Kartell white or black plastic basket, 1960s

Ceramic card holder and pocket emptier by Piero Fornasetti for Fornasetti, 1950s

Cylindrical white plastic vase holder by Anna Castelli for Kartell, 1970s

Cylindrical white plastic vase holder by Anna Castelli for Kartell, 1970s

Metal table center by MAM (Metalli Artistici Milano), 1970s

Silver plated bowl by Christofle, 1960s

Hermes silver metal bowl, 1980s

Walnut-shaped brass nutcracker, 1970s

“Crescendo” planter in white ABS by Isao Hosoe for Bilumen, 1970s

Matt jonasson/Orrefors Swedish crystal paperweight and bowl, 1960s

Secessionist style tray, 70s

“Gheno” vase by Rosanna Toso for Fratelli Toso, 1970s

6 "Armagnac" wine glasses in green crystal from Baccarat, 1970s

Rectangular rug in natural wool with long-pile of Sardinian manufacture, 1970s

3 transparent glass vases by Alfredo Barbini, 1960s

Plastic plant pot by Anna Castelli for Kartell, 1960s

Pair of matte ceramic plates by Lina Assalina Poggi for, 1950s

Teak bowl covered with capiz shell, 1960s

Shaped wooden jug / vase in the style of Alexandre Noll, 1960's

Set of 5 "Cibi" glasses by Cini Boeri for Arnolfo di Cambio, 1970s

Pocket emptier, travertine bowl, 1970s

Glazed ceramic vase from Avobin, 1970s

Cylindrical leather box with lid, 1970s

“Crescendo” planter in black ABS by Isao Hosoe for Bilumen, 1970s

"Acquaiolo" bronze sculpture by Giovanni De Martino, early 1900s

Silver, Wood, and Plexiglas Candlestick from Christofle, 1960s

Wooden box with embossed silver lid by Renato Bassoli, 1960s

Pair of glass bowls by Arturo Pasquinucci, 1960s

Oval crystal ashtray, 1960s

Pair of Art Deco ceramic vases made by Bartolomeo Rossi for Ceramiche Artistiche Savonesi, 1930s

“Tender” Vase with Lid by Kari Christensen for Royal Copenhagen Aluminia, 1960s

“Crescendo” vase holder by Isao Hosoe for Intercom, 1970s, 5 available

Cylindrical rattan basket

Vase in ceramic and lava effect enamel

“The King and the Queen” ceramic statue by Umberto Ghersi

Ceramic vase with decorations by Scheurisch

3 white plastic corner flower pots by Elco

Nile Green Glass Desk Pen Holder

Triangular Teak and Brass Italian Candleholder by Anri Form

‘Sahara’ Colored Enameled Ceramic Pitcher by Aldo Londi

Black enameled Ceramic Vase

Cristal Centerpiece by Umberto Clanetti for Vilca

Violet Murano Glass Centerpiece