Rostrato bulicante Murano glass bowl

Pair of bedside tables with marble top

Circular container in wood with decoration on the cap

Ceramic vase with decorations by Scheurisch

3 enameled metal flower pots

Azure and blue Murano glass bowl

Green and blue Murano glass vase

Plant holder in brass and copper

Pink murano glass bowl

Pair of enamelled copper bowls by Sergio Santi for Vigna Nuova Firenze

Vase in black glazed ceramic

‘Baca’ ceramic bowl by Nils Thorsson for Royal Copenhagen

3 white plastic corner flower pots by Elco

Green  Eco-leather Hatbox

Smoked Murano glass storage bowl by Vincenzo Nason

Ashtray Basket in Black Abs by Giotto Stoppino for Rexite

Midcentury Italian Enameled Copper Bowl

Teak Candleholder

Enameled Ceramic Vase by Giuseppe Barile of Albisola

Nile Green Glass Desk Pen Holder

Colored Murano Glass Ashtray

Colored Murano Glass Flower Vase

Oval Blue Glass Bowl

Bowl in enameled metal with Stand by Siva

Large black and white plastic plant pot by Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi for Kartell

Black and Colored Italian Copper Enameled Pocket Emptier

Triangular Teak and Brass Italian Candleholder by Anri Form

Pair of trays in plastic and brass by Alberto Sordi

Murano Glass Lighter

‘Sahara’ Colored Enameled Ceramic Ashtray by Aldo Londi for Bitossi,

‘Sahara’ Colored Enameled Ceramic Pitcher by Aldo Londi

Murano Sommerso Glass Bowl

Art decò Vase in Albisola Ceramic

Black enameled Ceramic Vase

Cristal Centerpiece by Umberto Clanetti for Vilca

Violet Murano Glass Centerpiece