Pair of armchairs in creamy white fabric by Federico Munari, 1950s

4 folding outdoor armchairs, 1960s

Chair with upholstered seat and back, 1940s

2-seater sofa in green velvet, 1940s

“Soborg” chair with armrests by Børge Morgensen for Fredericia, 1950s

"Mitzi" armchair in ocher velvet by Ezio Longhi for Elam, 1950s

Armchair in gray fabric, 1950s

4 "PS 142" armchairs by Eugenio Gerli for Tecno, 1960s

Pair of “Tulip” armchairs in red fabric by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia

Pair of “Tulip” armchairs in red fabric by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia

“Falcon” armchair with pouf by Sigurd Resell for Poltrona Frau

Pair of armchairs by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa

Modular sofa in black leather by Cinova

Pair of armchairs in brick-colored fabric

Armchair in yellow fabric

Pair of velvet armchairs

6 chairs in wood and cream-colored fabric

Pair of armchairs in orange velvet and brass feet

3-seater sofa in pink velvet

Pair of armchairs in gray-blue fabric

Angular wooden bench with gray velvet seat

Wooden bench with blue velvet top

Dal Vera armchair with gray fabric

Wooden bench with blue velvet top

Pair of beige velvet armchairs by Gigi Radice for Minotti

Pair of brick-colored armchairs

'Kroken' armchairs by Ake Fribytter for Nelo Mobel

Wooden bench with red velvet top

“711” sofa bed in suede leather by Tito Agnoli for Cinova

Rattan stool

Large ottoman in metal and anthracite fabric

Pouf in wood and gray velvet

4 “Topos” chairs by Gruppo DAM for Busnelli

Dormeuse in Louis Philippe style yellow fabric

Armchair in light blue fabric

4 chromed metal chairs by Ico Parisi for Fratelli Longhi

6 chairs in velvet and wood

Pair of green velvet armchairs

Pair of gray velvet armchairs

Green velvet armchair with quilted backrest

Pair of armchairs in ivory white fabric by Framar

Pair of armchairs covered in rust velvet

Pair of armchairs covered with white and green striped fabric

Pair of wingback armchairs with capitonnè back

Pair of ocher velvet armchairs

Italian Gray Curved 2-Seat Sofa

Italian White Velvet Armchair

Italian Curved 2-Seat Sofa

6 ‘DSC 106’ Chairs by Giancarlo Piretti Per Castelli

Pair of Midcentury Italian Velvet Armchair with Pouf

Pair of Blue Velvet Dining Chair by RB Rossana

Pair of Ocher Velvet Bedroom Chair

Silver Velvet Italian Armchair

Pair of Italian Midcentury Azure Armchair

Italian mid-century silk armchair

‘Julia’ Gray Swivel Armchair by Ceriotti,

Rattan Armchair by Dal Vera

Pair of Plywood Armchair by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa

Italian Velvet Pink Armchair

'897' armchair by Vico Magistretti for Cassina