“LSP6” ceiling light by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena, 1960s

Floor lamp model 313 by Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce, 1940s

“Omega” ceiling light by Vico Magistretti for Artemide, 1960s

Wall lamp with glass diffuser by Stilux Milano, 1960s, 3 availables

Teak chandelier with perspex reflectors, by Esperia, 1960s

Burnished aluminum and molded glass chandelier, 1960s

Brass chandelier, 1950s

Floor lamp in chromed and black painted metal, 1970s

“Ebe 34” Ceiling Light in Murano Glass by Giusto Toso for Leucos, 1970s

“Ebe 34” Ceiling Light in Murano Glass by Giusto Toso for Leucos, 1970s

Model “2259” lamp by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte, 1950s

Pair of "Eagle" wall lights by Gilles Derain for Lumen Center, 1980s

“Sigma” ceiling light by Sergio Mazza for Artemide, 1960s, 2 availables

“Galileo” floor lamp by Gianni Celada for Fontana Arte, 1970s

Brass floor lamp with parchment lampshade, 1950s

Perspex and brushed aluminum chandelier by Stilux, 1960s

8-light chandelier with brass details, 1950s

Floor lamp in brass and parchment lampshade, 1950s

Floor lamp with brass base and parchment lampshade, 1940s

Chrome chandelier with glass diffusers by Mazzega, 1970s

Wall lamp in brass and glass, 1950s

'Pochette' wall lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni for Flos, 2000s, 7 availables

Chrome metal wall / ceiling lamp by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena, 1970s, 2 available

Pair of crystal floral appliques in the style of maison baguès, 1940s

Ceiling lamp with white glass diffuser by Valenti, 1960s

Rattan chandelier, 1970s

'Delta' chandelier by Sergio Mazza for Artemide, 1960s

Table lamp in chromed metal and methacrylate, 1960s

Spherical chandelier by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli, 1960s

Up and down chandelier in black and white metal, 1950s

Floor lamp with marble base and Murano glass diffuser, 1970s

'Fiore 38' Murano glass pendant lamp by Renato Toso for Leucos, 1970s, 3 available

Floor lamp with glass base and diffuser by Carlo Bartoli for Antonangeli, 1980s

"SP15" White Ceiling Lamp by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce, 1970s, 3 available

Table lamp in white glass, 1960s

Square white glass wall light by Roberto Toso and Renato Pamio for Leucos from the 1980s

Table lamp with flower vase, 1970s

Pair of dressing table lamps in brass and decorated glass, 1950s

7-light chrome metal chandelier from Lampter, 1970s

Floor lamp with white metal reflector, 1940s

Glass and chromed metal chandelier, 1970s

Chandelier with 3 glass diffusers by Pierre Cardin, 1970s

Chrome and white table lamp, 1960s

Chandelier in brushed metal and white glass from Stilnovo, 1960s

Purple methacrylate and glass chandelier, 1950s

Lampadario “Elisse” in vetro bianco di Claudio Salocchi per Lumenform, anni ’70

Wall lamp in burnished brass and spherical glass, 1950s, 11 available

Pair of ceramic table lamps with a pine cone shape by Gio Batta, 1980s

White and purple

Purple glass and chromed metal chandelier, 1970s

Three-pendant chandelier, 1950s

Chandelier in glass and white perspex, 1960s

White glass chandelier with black edges, 1970s

Pistilli chrome chandelier, 1970s

3 white "433" wall lamps by Pio Lugi Brusasco & Giovanni Torretta for Luci, 1970s

Table lamp with corroso glass diffuser

Chandelier in teak, brass and opal glass

Chandelier in white glass and chromed metal

Molded glass ceiling lamp

Chandelier with two pendants in opal glass and brass

Table lamp in opal glass and brass with parchment shade

Tripod beehive table lamp with plastic shade

Black Wall Lamp by Stilnovo

Round glass Shade Applique

Brass and methacrylate pendant lamp

Opaline Glass Diffusers Italian Floor Lamp

Glass and Brass Italian Pendants Lamp

Chromed and plastic Italian Pendant Lamp

Pair of Brass 3 Lights Italian Wall Lamps

Midcentury Brass and Colored Shade Italian Table Lamp

Teak and Opaline Glass pendant lamp

Three Pendant Lamps Chandelier

Brass and Glass Pendant Lamp